5 Things You Don’t Know About Me



So anyone who has ever read my blog knows about my love of food.  All kinds of food.  But, here are the top five things you don’t know about me.  Unless we are already friends or family, in which case, love you!

1.  I am absolutely obsessed with breakdancers.  I will watch every dance movie, show, or documentary about breakdancing.  Favorites include Step Up, So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew.  One of my good guy friends bought me a t-shirt that says “In Case of Emergency Breakdance” to which I replied by doing a tripod.

2.  I crave hot and sour soup every time I’m sick.  There is no more perfect food in my mind to restore me to health.  Spicy so you can still taste it and the perfect cure for congestion.  Plus I can get it in 20 minutes or less for takeout.  Mmmm, I’m eating it now because, well I haven’t had it yet this week.

3.  I am 5 feet tall.  No seriously, I’m really short.  All of my nicknames include something about my diminutive size.

4.  I am a voracious reader and often read three to four books at a time.  I love being able to switch between them depending on my mood, and sometimes read more than one in a night just because I want to change things up.

5.  I love to sing and secretly want to audition for The Voice.